Founded by Jacob Schlichter in 2019, Slicks has been on the front lines of prêt-à-porter.


Even Before Slicks’ legal incorporation, Jacob was already designing entire apparel lines and fulfilling orders for multinational, billion-dollar brands and famous celebrities.


Outside of his wholesale work, Jacob tries to keep the Slicks’ brand centered around the organic flow found throughout nature and the connectedness we feel throughout our Human Experience.

Jacob believes fashion is a key part of one’s identity and is literally the way you make a first impression upon anyone you’d physically meet throughout the day.

Even one’s choice to not partake in the gaudiness of modern day trends is a conscious choice in style and of self expression.


The not-so-fascinating backstory to the name ‘Slicks’ is that Jacob chose to American-ize his surname Schlichter to ‘Slicks’.


One slightly more entertaining detail would be that Jacob started Slicks while being homeless and living out of his tiny Ford Fiesta during the Minnesota winters of ’18 – ’19. As soon as Jacob had a base of operations he was off to the races building Slicks to be what it is today.

Jacob is from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. (কলকাতা)

He currently resides in Albert Lea, MN, USA.

If you’d like to get in contact with Slicks or Jacob, please do feel welcomed to reach out!